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                           Introducing Li'l Sis Newest Natural Ingredient

Li'l Sis Goat Milk Soap is very happy to announce that I now have local sourced all Natural Bee's Wax from a local beekeeper in the Swedish countryside. I've been waiting for this for a very long time. What usually happens is that all the bee's wax from the entire country is sent to a processing plant that will transform a beautiful chunk of natural bee's wax into sheets of processed bee's wax.

I stopped using those processed Bee's Wax strips because there seemed to be nothing left of the natural goodness found in the original bee's wax.


I am committed to keeping my product and all ingredients that I use Natural and Organic. Here is my beautiful chunk of Natural Bee's Wax. I only wish you could smell it.

The top 5 world producers of Bee's Wax:

India, Ethiopia, Argentina, Turkey, Republic of Korea

Sweden may not be listed here but I am very happy for a local Bee Keeper in the Swedish countryside, who allowed me to purchase a natural chunk of Bee's Wax before it was sent to the processing plant.


What is Bee's Wax?

Bee's Wax is produced by the honey worker bees in the hives. The farm where I got my Bee's Wax, they have over 400 bee hives. Wow! That's a lot of Bee's Wax. The wax is formed into scales by 8 wax producing glands of the worker bees. its discarded in the hive and the hive worker bees collect it and form cells for honey storage, larval and pupal protection, within the hive. The new wax is clear and colourless with opaqueness and color coming after a processing with pollen by hive worker bees. the bee's wax becomes more yellow or brown when pollen oils and propolis are incorporated.

Benefits of Bee's Wax for the skin:


Bee's Wax contains Vitamin A 

Provides long term moisturising qualities

Bee's Wax actually locks in moisture on the skin. Like Honey, it's known as a humectant

Bee's Wax has anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory qualities

Bee's Wax also soothes irritated skin, making it the best skin care product for those with allergies, rosacea or eczema

The scent is so heavenly


I am so happy to be able to add my Natural Bee's Wax to every bar of Li'l Sis Goat Milk Soap

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