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Introducing Li'l Sis Eco-Friendly Critter Snuggle Pouch


Li'l Sis is now offering cozy comfy Snuggle Pouch for your small reptiles, guinea pigs, hedgehogs and bunnies. Li'l Sis Eco-Friendly Critter Snuggle Pouch is made with durable fabrics such as soft flannel or fabric of your choice. They are lined with Serpa Shearling, making it a warm place to snuggle. This pouch offers double layers of Eco-Friendly Bamboo batting, making your Snuggle Pouch extra plush and fluffy.


Bamboo is one of the most Eco-Friendly materials that can be found. When harvested in a compassionate way, cutting at the base only, Bamboo becomes one of the most sustainable plants which grows 12" a day and can generate a mature plant within 2 years. It is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or even irrigation. Bamboo also has anti-bacterial properties and is 100% biodegradable. 


The Li'l Sis Eco-Friendly Critter Snuggle Pouch is machine washable on the delicate cycle and can be tumble dried on delicate or feel free to air dry.

Very happy to ship WORLDWIDE 

I have 2 little critters. As the weather is about to change, they were in need of cozy warm places to snuggle up in. These are my first personal Li'l Sis Eco-Friendly Critter Snuggle Pouches. I posted on social media and got lots of interest.  

Theses were my choices for my Li'l Sis EcoFriendly Critter Snuggle Pouches for my babies. I still have materials that are used for cat and Snuggle Pouches.

If you prefer a particular color or pattern, that can be done also. Below see one customer's choice. There were two choices of green with a pattern and you can see the customer's choice and finished product on the right. 9" deep and 15" length

These are my little Critters, Sidney my Bearded Dragon and Tana my Leopard Gecko
Sidney and Tana are happy inside their cozy Li'l Sis Eco-Friendly Snuggle Pouches
This is Toby who lives in USA. As you can see he loves to snuggle up. Here Toby is cozy after a bath.
" Ooooo his wittle pouch is soo adorable!!!
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