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Sometimes life takes you on a journey, a journey you never thought

you would have chosen, and mine has led me to starting the Li'l Sis

Goat Milk Soap company.


Just a bit about myself: I am a woman with extremely sensitive skin

and have battled with eczema for my entire life.  I have tried

different medications,injections, and even different diets to solve this

problem. Everything seemed under control until I hit menopause and then it returned. I found myself with not only eczema again, but also with hormonal changes that affected my body and my skin. That's when I decided to go "natural" for all of my personal care products. The natural path led me right to goat milk soap. My research into the properties and benefits of goat milk inspired me to acquire my own little herd of goats. I planned to make soap using my goat milk. I began experimenting with different recipes and oils. If I could make a soap that would help my skin, then maybe my soap could help others as well. I still have eczema, but the healing properties of the goat milk has eased my condition and nourished my skin like no other soap I have ever used.  Li'l Sis Goat Milk Soap  was born.


When I started my business, I lived with my herd of Swedish Lappgetter in the lovely countryside of Östergötland in Sweden. My goats were fed natural grains, hay and straw sourced from neighboring farmers. They graze in our eco friendly pasture, which had never been treated with chemical fertilizers or pesticides of any kind. They enjoyed the pure fresh Swedish grass, sun, and air. I now live in Västra Götaland and I am still using the saved nutritious milk from my herd of goats.

About Me

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