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                      LI'L SIS ORGANIC 
             GOAT MILK SOAP 

What is Organic Soap?

Organic Soaps are made with plant-based ingredients that have been produced from the use of organic farming practices. There are no pesticides and no artificial fertilizers.

In short, Natural, but better!


What are the benefits of using Organic Soap?


The most important benefit is that Organic Soap is just better for your skin.

Natural and plant-based ingredients are healthier and more beneficial for both your face and body. Most mass-produced soap products contain harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients. Many scientific studies have shown that toxins can be absorbed through the skin. By using Organic Soap, you can avoid potentially harming your skin.


Organic Soap has less impact on our environment. Organic plant-based ingredients break down easily after the lather goes down the drain. Absolutely bio digradable. 


Who chooses Organic Soap?

In today’s world, people are concerned with healthy and sustainable lifestyles. We are all making more thoughtful and ethical choices about how we live and about the impact of our lives on the environment. Choosing the right skincare products is apart of that journey. 

Organic Soap ticks all the boxes: healthy lifestyle and sustainable as well.


Animal Testing?

Cruelty Free! Absolutely NO animal testing!


Organic Soap Ingredients


Like all Li’l Sis Goat Milk Soap, not only are the ingredients Natural, but Organic as well: Plant-based Organic oils, natural or Organic fats, Organic botanicals for color, and Organic Essential oils. As with all Li’l Sis Goat Milk Soap, there is fresh Goat Milk in every single bar of my New Organic Soap.



Li’l Sis New Organic Soap

My first collection of Organic Soaps is 100% Organic Oil Castile Soap. What a luxurious, moisturizing and conditioning bar of soap. Li'l Sis Organic 100 % Olive Oil Castile goat Milk Soap.  A must have!

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