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Goat Milk 

I have chosen goat milk because of its unique biochemical make-up


  • Goat Milk proteins have significant differences in the amino acid compositions from other milk products

  • Goat Milk fat content is 18-35% compared to cow's at 17%

  • Goat Milk contains over 50 nutrients to help nourish you skin

  • Vitamin A which slows down the aging process of skin and helps minimize brown spots

  • Vitamins  C, B, B1, B6, B12, and E

  • Goat Milk contains many important minerals. Zinc is one example, it contributes to the reconstruction of collagen fibers

  • Goat Milk has a pH that is the closest to human skin possible which makes it ideal for skin product such as soap

  • Butterfat content in goat milk is very important. It is the fat that helps to make Goat Milk Soap a moisturizing and conditioning luxurious soap

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